Short Fiction

by Lawrence Watt-Evans

This is a list of all my known published short fiction, in chronological order of publication. I have not always been careful about record-keeping, so it may not be 100% complete. If you know of any stories I've missed, please e-mail me.

Each title below links to a page where I briefly describe where the story came from, how it came to be written, and where it was published. I've tried to provide some bibliographic data for each story here on this page, but I don't guarantee its completeness or accuracy -- I've caught one instance where I had listed the wrong issue of a magazine, and there may be others. Again, if you find any errors, please e-mail me.

For a few stories, especially the most recent ones and those written under names other than Lawrence Watt-Evans, the individual pages aren't done yet, and if you follow the link you'll only find a placeholder. I'll be replacing these with the real thing when I find the time.

Some, but by no means all, of my stories are available in single-author collections; the images at the right link to pages about those. They're all in print. I've also issued some stories as mini-ebooks, at 99 cents apiece; those are also listed to the right, below the collections.

For those looking for a specific story by title, rather than date, I've added an alphabetical list. If you're looking for a particular genre, then check out my color-coded list.

In order of publication:

"Paranoid Fantasy #1"

"The Temple of Life"

"Minus Two Reaction" (my title: "One Night At A Local Bar")

"The Rune and the Dragon"

"Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers"

"An Infinity of Karen"

"Dead Things Don't Move"

"In League with the Freeway"

"Real Time"

"Windwagon Smith and the Martians"

"The Palace of al-Tir al-Abtan"

"After the Dragon Is Dead"


"Science Fiction"

"Playing for Keeps"


"The Ghost Taker"

"Watching New York Melt" (collaboration with Julie Evans)

"Keep the Faith"

"A Flying Saucer With Minnesota Plates"

"The Name of Fear"

"Portrait of A Hero" (an Ethshar story)

"The Drifter"


"New Worlds"


"Storm Trooper"

"Natural Selection"

"Short Lines"

"Truth, Justice, and the American Way"

"Pickman's Modem"

"Tomorrow Never Knows"

"One Man's Meat"



"Corners in Time"


"Tulki's Revenge"

"Foxy Lady"

"When Hell Froze Over"

"Spirit Dump"

"The Final Folly of Captain Dancy,"



"Monster Kidnaps Girl At Mad Scientist's Command!"

"The Frog Wizard"

"The Great Ritual"

"The Murderer"

"Mastermind of Oz" (collaboration with B.W. Clough)

"Blood Feud"

"Old Soldiers"

"Beneath the Tarmac"

"Larger Than Life"

"Just Perfect"

"A Public Hanging"

"The Worst Part"

"How I Maybe Saved the World Last Tuesday Before Breakfast"

"The Art of Dying"

"The Bride of Bigfoot"

"Ghost Stories"

"For Value Received"

"Dead Babies"


"One of the Boys"

"Worthy of His Hire"

"Dread Vengeance"

"The Cat Came Back"

"Teaching Machines,"

"Revised Edition"

"The Bogle in the Basement"

"The Final Challenge"

"Impostor Syndrome"

"Mehitabel Goodwin"

"Hearts and Flowers"

"Back to the Land"

"The Guardswoman" (an Ethshar story)


"My Mother and I Go Shopping"

"Mittens and Hotfoot" (as Walter Vance Awsten)

"The Pick-Up"

"Celestial Debris"

"Sirinita's Dragon" (an Ethshar story)

"Eye of the Beholder"

"Out of the Woods"

"Something to Grin About"

"The Garrison"

"Horsing Around"

"Beth's Unicorn"

"The Bloodstone" (an Ethshar story)

"George Pinkerton and the Bloodsucking Fiend of Brokentree Swamp"

"What the Cat Dragged In"

"George Pinkerton and the Space Waffles"

"George Pinkerton and the Bedtime Ghost" (collaboration with Julie Evans)


"Grandpa's Head"

"Keeping Up Appearances"

"Oh, Sweet Goodnight!" with Christina Briley, as Walter Vance Awsten

"In Re: Nephelegeretes"


"The Sidekick"

"Ingredients" (an Ethshar story)

"Remembrance of Things to Come"

"The Pimp"


"In for A Pound"

"Weaving Spells" (an Ethshar story)


"He's Only Human" (based on an idea by Dan Goodman)


"I Was A Bestselling Teenage Werewolf"

"Night Flight" (an Ethshar story)

"The Note Beside the Body"

"The Man Who Loved Dragons"

"The Last Bastion"

"Heart of Stone"

"That Doggone Vnorpt" (as Nathan Archer)

"The Man for the Job"

"Advance Man"

"Arms and the Woman"

"One Million Lightbulbs"


"Contraband" (as Nathan Archer)

"Dropping Hints"

"Return to Xanadu"

"The God in Red"

"Jim Tuckerman's Angel"

"The Warlock's Refuge"

"The Unwanted Wardrobe" (An April Fool's joke, not an actual story.)

"Best Present Ever!"

"Hell for Leather"

"Nif's World"

"The Abduction of Ebenezer Scrooge"



"The Lady of Shadow Guard" (A Jack of Shadows story)

"An Evil Opportunity Employer"

"Sorcery of the Heart"

"The Prisoner of Shalott"

"Harry's Toaster"


"An Interrupted Betrothal"

"How I Found Harry's All-Night Hamburgers"

"Personal Space"

"The Night People"


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