The Man for the Job The Man for the Job The Man for the Job

Realms of Fantasy, Dec. 2000 You know, I don't really remember what prompted me to write "The Man for the Job." I'd been thinking about sex roles, I know. And I'd also been thinking about the standard sword-and-sorcery story motif of the ancient tomb where some magical relic is guarded by a supernatural monster, and wondering about the logistics.

But how that came together in this particular story at that particular time, I dunno. I didn't have an anthology to send it to, no editor had been asking me for a story like this; I guess it was just a whim.

Fantasy MegapackHaving written it, though, Realms of Fantasy was the obvious place to send it -- it was clearly the top market for short heroic fantasy at the time. So I sent it there, they bought it, and here we are.

And then, of course, I included it in The Lawrence Watt-Evans Fantasy Megapack.

It got a review in Black Gate, too.


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