OLYMPUS:  An Anthology edited by Martin H. Greenberg & Bruce D. Arthurs

Olympus is an anthology where I contributed a story. The premise was simple: The gods of Olympus in modern settings.

The editor, Bruce Arthurs, didn't have a lot to say about the book that I saw, so I'll just have to make do with what I've got -- basically, a few comments and the Table of Contents, with links to the webpages of the various authors who provided stories, or pages about them. (I linked to the personal/professional webpages I could find. If I missed any, please tell me.)

Published by DAW Books, March 1998, ISBN 0-88677775-5.
The book's word count was a little under 90,000 words.
The cover art is by Jean-Francois Podevin.

Table of Contents


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