Eye of the Beholder Eye of the Beholder

White Wolf was apparently pretty happy with my story "The Art of Dying," because they invited me to write one for another Vampire: The Masquerade anthology, City Of Darkness: Unseen.

So I did. And what the hell, I made it a direct sequel to "The Art of Dying," because why not? I didn't think I'd said everything there was to say about Bethany. A sequel meant I didn't need to create all-new characters, and since this was work-for-hire and I wouldn't own the characters anyway, why give away new ones?

I'm pleased with the result. I think it wraps up Bethany's story nicely.

(Some may wonder how I could include the story in In the Blood: Vampire Stories if I don't own it. That's an excellent point -- and one I fortunately thought of back when I first wrote the stories. I insisted that the contracts include a provision that I could include the stories in single-author collections without permission from White Wolf and without any money changing hands. White Wolf agreed. I don't have the rights to do anything else with it, but single-author collections are fine.)