The Abduction of Ebenezer Scrooge The Abduction of Ebenezer Scrooge

The Abduction of Ebenezer Scrooge We've been creating our own holiday cards since the early 1980s -- not every year, but most. Most of these cards, though, have been cards, relying on art or a gag of some sort.

I've always thought, though, that since I'm a writer, I ought to write something to send to our friends -- something more than a cheap gag. One year I did write a dreadful little Feghootish thing, but for a long time I just didn't have the time or inspiration.

In 2007 I decided it was time to write a real story for our card, and that was "The God in Red." We produced a chapbook and sent that out as our card.

In 2011 I did it again, and wrote "Best Present Ever!" Another chapbook, and this time I made it available as an ebook on Smashwords.

I wasn't sure whether I had any more Christmas story ideas, but then in 2014 I got thinking about Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," wondering about alternate interpretations of what happened to old Scrooge, and came up with a story idea. I didn't actually get around to writing it until 2015, and it came out shorter than I expected, but it worked well enough to be our card for 2015. And once again I put it up on on Smashwords, but this time, since it is so short, I didn't bother with a price and a coupon; it's free.

So if you want to read it, there it is.


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