Robert Bloch's Psychos:  An Anthology by the Horror Writers Association

The Cover of ROBERT BLOCH'S PSYCHOS This was the much-delayed fifth HWA anthology -- the first four were, in order, Under the Fang, edited by Robert McCammon; Freak Show, edited by F. Paul Wilson; Deathport, edited by Ramsey Campbell; and Peter Straub's Ghosts. The sixth was Whitley Strieber's Aliens.

Robert Bloch's Psychos, twenty-two tales of the madmen among us, was published in paperback by Pocket Books in January 1998, ISBN 0-671-88598-7. A limited first-edition hardcover was published by Cemetery Dance Publications (that's Richard Chizmar's small press) in 1997, ISBN 1-881475-26-3; it's out of print.

There are editions in Italian and Japanese, as well.

Mr. Bloch died before the book was completed; the anthology was finished by anonymous co-editors. I was president of HWA at the time -- it was something of a job getting things straightened out, but the result is a fine book.

The table of contents is below. If any of the contributor webpage links are out of date, please tell me.

Table of Contents


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