Dead End:  City Limits In the 1990s I was active in HWA and writing a lot of horror, and therefore got invited to several horror anthologies. One of them was Dead End: City Limits: An Anthology of Urban Fear, edited by Paul F. Olson and David B. Silva.

I love cities. I'm fascinated by cities. Sometimes I'm almost obsessed by them. There was no way I could possibly turn down this invitation. At the same time, though, I didn't want to do any of the usual sort of urban terror -- street crime, collapsing infrastructure, etc.

In fact, I'd been thinking about various sorts of stories I very much liked to read, but had not written yet. Specifically, I was thinking about surreal, irrational stories where real-world logic didn't apply.

So I wrote one, and Messrs. Olson and Silva bought it, and I'm fairly happy with the result -- happy enough that I've made it available as a 99-cent ebook.

I also included it in my collection, Hazmat & Other Toxic Stories.


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