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Furry! So I was at a convention in Florida, and these two guys came up and asked whether I'd ever written any fiction about furries, and if not, would I like to?

I said no, I hadn't, and why did they ask?

They were, they informed me, planning to launch a magazine for furry fans, and would love to have some stories from real (i.e., not known only within furry fandom) writers. And they hoped to pay actual money, though they couldn't promise.

I thought it sounded like an amusing challenge, so I got an address and other information, and when I got home I sat down and wrote "Foxy Lady," about a guy who wins a genetically-engineered fox-woman on a TV game show.

(I'm rather proud of the game show I invented, actually.)

Second SF Megapack So I sent it off and waited and when I finally heard back the magazine had changed ownership and name and was theoretically paying in McDonald's coupons but they'd forgotten to enclose them, and what the hell, I let them publish the story anyway. It appeared in Zoomorphica #1, Summer 1992.

There never was a Zoomorphica #2, so far as I can determine. Hell, I can't find any record of #1 outside my own office; if not for the contributor's copies in my files I might think I'd imagined it.

I still thought "Foxy Lady" was a pretty good story, so I'm always looking to get it more widely seen. I've sold reprint rights at least three times now, though some venues were pretty obscure. Fred Patten bought it for his anthology Best in Show, later reprinted as Furry!: The Best Anthropomorphic Fiction!, and when I was asked for a story for The Second Science Fiction Megapack: 25 Modern and Classic Tales by Masters it was "Foxy Lady" I sent. I like to think its appeal is not limited to furry fans.

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