The Girl Who Couldn't Fly

The Final Folly of Captain Dancy & Other Tall Tales

This is one of those stories that just happened. I started writing it years ago, and occasionally glanced at it, maybe added a little. I knew roughly where it was going, but I didn't feel any great need to complete it.

Then in 2022 I decided I was tired of having half-finished stories on my computer, so I finished it, but I had no idea where to sell it. I did try one magazine, which turned it down as just not right for them, so it was sitting on my hard drive until I decided where else I should try.

Then FoxAcre Press abruptly told me they were giving me back the rights to everything I had published with them, as the proprietor, Roger MacBride Allen, wanted to focus on his writing and stop spending time on running a small press.

I self-published new editions of most of the seven books he reverted quickly, with few changes, but I decided one of them, The Final Folly of Captain Dancy & Other Pseudo-Historical Fantasies, needed to be revamped.

So I expanded it from four stories to ten, and retitled it The Final Folly of Captain Dancy & Other Tall Tales. "The Girl Who Couldn't Fly" was one of the stories I added; it was definitely a tall tale, and this saved me the trouble of finding another market for it.


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