Hearts & Flowers Hearts & Flowers

Full Spectrum 5This story was the result of seeing my dentist. I was sitting in the waiting room, reading magazines; Time had a piece about a study of the neurochemistry of love and attraction, and People had a piece about someone who had proposed to his girlfriend on a baseball park scoreboard, and somewhere in there I picked up Dylan's song lyric about, "I gave her my heart, but she wanted my soul," and I remembered Mason Williams' "You Done Stompt On My Heart," and it all fell together, and not long after I got an invitation to submit a story to Full Spectrum, the prestigious anthology series that Bantam Books was using as a showcase.

Hearts & Flowers It all came together as "Hearts and Flowers," which was published in Full Spectrum 5.

I think it's one of my better (and creepier) stories. When I started offering short stories as 99-cent e-books, it seemed like an obvious one to include -- it's got some meat to it (heh), and hasn't been reprinted all that often, and the original anthology was not a huge seller.

So I assembled a cover, and here it is.

Oh, and if you want it on paper, it's included in my collection Celestial Debris.


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