The Lady of
Shadow Guard

Roger Zelazny has long been one of my very favorite writers, ever since I read "Devil Car" back in 1965. I think his best work is at shorter lengths, but some of his novels are pretty great, too.

Shadows and Reflections My favorite Zelazny novel is, and has always been, Jack of Shadows. When Warren Lapine and Trent Zelazny invited me to write a story for their Roger Zelazny tribute anthology, Shadows & Reflections, I knew immediately that I wanted to write something in Jack's world.

And it didn't take long to decide what, either. An important part of the story is Jack's meeting with his former lover, Rosie, who has become a Wise Woman guarding the marches of the Baron of Drekkheim's realm. I wanted to know how she got there.

So I wrote that.

The anthology was delayed, but finally appeared in July of 2017 in limited release, and was generally available by September 2017.

Note: The final cover has the type very slightly differently arranged than the pre-release image I'm using here.


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