Horror Bibliography Horror!

Includes everything that can be considered horror; some of this stuff is at most borderline, while some is definitely horror. If it's got a vampire or werewolf or zombie in it I probably listed it here, even if it's more humorous than horrific. If you spot any errors or know of anything I missed please click here to let me know.

This list contains novels, short stories, articles, and foreign editions (more singular than plural). Within each category everything's arranged alphabetically.

Not all reprints are listed.


Published short stories:

Selected Articles, in no particular order:

(My apologies for not providing dates on these; I don't have the dates written down and am not willing to take the time to look them all up.)

Foreign publications:

(Novels only; short stories are included in main listing. Complete to the best of my knowledge.)

French: Presses Pocket, 1993:



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