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The table below is a list of all the novels to date published under the name Lawrence Watt-Evans, with some basic information about each, and links to the pages about the individual novels, and about the series they're in.

Below that, I'm including a list of book club editions. I'm also working up a list of who did all the cover art, but that's going to go on a separate page. A page for Nathan Archer's tie-in novels is in the works, as well.

At one point I talked about including links to reviews of my work, but over the twenty years this webpage has been accumulating, I've discovered that online reviews have a tendency to disappear, and I can't spare the time to keep such a list up to date. Rather than give you a list of largely-dead links, I've abandoned the idea. Sorry about that.

So, beyond what I have here, what would you like to see? Tell me!

Abbreviations used:
  • pb = mass market/rack-sized paperback
  • hc = hardcover
  • lhc = limited-edition hardcover
  • tp = trade paperback
  • eb = e-book
  • om = included in a hardcover omnibus
  • tpo = included in a trade paperback omnibus
  • cs = coming soon (i.e., scheduled for publication within a year)

Novels listed alphabetically

TitleOriginal publicationCurrent U.S. editionsGenreSeries
Above His Proper StationTor, 2010 (hc)Tor (eb)fantasyThe Fall of the Sorcerers
(The Bound Lands)
Among the Powerssee Denner's WreckFoxAcre (tp, eb)science fictionnone
The Blood of a DragonDel Rey, 1991 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Book of SilenceDel Rey, 1984 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb, om)fantasyThe Lords of Dus
The Chromosomal CodeAvon, 1984 (pb)Misenchanted Press (tp, eb)science fictionnone
The Cyborg and the SorcerersDel Rey, 1982 (pb)Wildside (eb, tpo)science fictionWar Surplus
Denner's WreckAvon, 1988 (pb)see Among the Powersscience fictionnone
The Dragon SocietyTor, 2001 (hc)Tor (eb)fantasyThe Obsidian Chronicles
Dragon VenomTor, 2003 (hc)Tor (eb)fantasyThe Obsidian Chronicles
Dragon WeatherTor, 1999 (hc)Tor (tp, eb)fantasyThe Obsidian Chronicles
In the Empire of ShadowDel Rey, 1995 (tp)Wildside (tp, om)crossoverWorlds of Shadow
Ithanalin's RestorationTor, 2002 (hc)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Lure of the BasiliskDel Rey, 1980 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb, om)fantasyThe Lords of Dus
The Misenchanted SwordDel Rey, 1985 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Nightmare PeopleOnyx, 1990 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb)horrornone
Night of MadnessTor, 2000 (hc)Tor (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
Nightside CityDel Rey, 1989 (pb)FoxAcre (tp, eb)science fictionCases of Carlisle Hsing
The Ninth TalismanTor, 2007 (hc)Tor (tp, eb)fantasyAnnals of the Chosen
One-Eyed JackMisenchanted Press, 2011 (tp, eb)Misenchanted Press (tp, eb, pb)dark fantasy/horrornone (yet)
Out of This WorldDel Rey, 1994 (hc)Wildside (tp, om)crossoverWorlds of Shadow
Realms of LightFoxAcre, 2010 (tp)FoxAcre (tp, eb)science fictionCases of Carlisle Hsing
The Rebirth of WonderTor, 1992 (pb)
Wildside, 1992 (lhc)
Wildside (lhc)
Misenchanted Press (tp, eb)
The Reign of the Brown MagicianDel Rey, 1996 (pb)Wildside (tp, om)crossoverWorlds of Shadow
Relics of WarWildside, 2014 (tp, eb)**Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Seven Altars of DusarraDel Rey, 1981 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb, om)fantasyThe Lords of Dus
Shining SteelAvon, 1986 (pb)FoxAcre (tp, eb)science fictionnone
The Sorcerer's WidowWildside, 2013** (tp, eb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Spartacus FileWildside, 2005 (hc, tp)Wildside (hc, tp, eb)Science fictioncollaboration with Carl Parlagreco
The Spell of the Black DaggerDel Rey, 1993 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
Split HeirsTor, 1993 (hc)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasycollaboration with Esther M. Friesner
The Spriggan MirrorWildside, 2007 (tp*)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Summer PalaceTor, 2008 (hc)Tor (tp, eb)fantasyAnnals of the Chosen
The Sword of BheleuDel Rey, 1983 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb, om)fantasyThe Lords of Dus
Taking FlightDel Rey, 1993 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
Tom Derringer and the Aluminum AirshipMisenchanted Press, 2014 (tp, eb, pb)Misenchanted Press (tp, eb, pb)alternate historyThe Adventures of Tom Derringer
Touched by the GodsTor, 1997 (hc)Misenchanted Press (tp, eb)fantasynone
The Unwelcome WarlockWildside, 2012** (tp, eb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Unwilling WarlordDel Rey, 1989 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
Vika's AvengerMisenchanted Press, 2013 (tp, eb, hc, pb)Misenchanted Press (tp, eb, hc, pb)science fantasynone (yet)
The Vondish AmbassadorMisenchanted Press, 2008** (tp)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
With A Single SpellDel Rey, 1987 (pb)Wildside (tp, eb)fantasyLegends of Ethshar
The Wizard and the War MachineDel Rey, 1987 (pb)Wildside (eb, tpo)science fictionWar Surplus
The Wizard LordTor, 2006 (hc)Tor (tp, eb)fantasyAnnals of the Chosen
A Young Man Without MagicTor, 2009 (hc)Tor (tp, eb)fantasyThe Fall of the Sorcerers
(The Bound Lands)

* This was preceded by two different electronic editions: An online serialization of the first draft in 2005, and an appearance of the complete novel in the February 2006 issue of the now-dead webzine Son & Foe.

** This was preceded by an online serialization of the first draft.

The table above does not include book club editions, which are generally not first appearance and which are all, to the best of my knowledge, out of print at the moment. Some readers, however, might be interested in knowing what's out there, so here's a list. These were all published by the Science Fiction Book Club.


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