Foreign Editions

Welcome to the bibliography of foreign editions of the novels of Lawrence Watt-Evans to date.

This list contains every Lawrence Watt-Evans novel I know of that I've had legally published in book form outside the United States, not including U.S. editions sold abroad. Wildside Press, BenBella Books, and Misenchanted Press titles are distributed outside North America, but in the American editions; I am not counting those. I am also not including Nathan Archer titles; those licensed tie-in novels are too hard to keep track of. Foreign publications of short stories are not included here, but many are listed on the Short Stories page.

I have included a couple of pirated titles; I have not indicated which they are. In some cases it's not clear just how the books came to be published without my consent, whether it was the publisher who stole it or whether it was sold to an unsuspecting publisher by a crooked agent (there's at least one of each of those), and I don't want to impute any blame to an innocent publisher by leaving their editions out or labeling it as pirated.

The list is arranged first by country, then by year, and then by publisher.

I've identified the original U.S. title only where I thought it wasn't obvious to someone who can read the language in question, or where I can't read the language.

Links for titles in English lead to pages about those novels; links for titles in other languages bring up a JPEG of the cover of that book; and links for publishers (if any) all lead off-site. Place the cursor on a title link for a preview in the right-hand column. (The preview will go blank again if you mouse over it. And I don't know whether this works on phones and small tablets.) If I've never seen a copy there's no picture, and vice versa.


Foreign publications:


Grafton Books, 1987:

Grafton Books, 1988:

Grafton Books, 1990:

Grafton Books, 1991:

[I'm told there was also an earlier Futura edition of The Cyborg and the Sorcerers. I never saw it.]


Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1987:

Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1988:

Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, 1989:

Bastei-Verlag Gustav H. Luebbe GmbH und Co., 1997:

Droemer Knaur, 2000:

Droemer Knaur, 2001:

Droemer Knaur, 2002:


Fanucci, 1990:

Fanucci, 1991:

Fanucci, 1992:

Newton Compton, 2008:

Newton Compton, 2009:

Newton Compton, 2011:

  • La saga degli Eletti: Il signore dei maghi-Il nono talismano-La battaglia maghi
    [This is an omnibus of all three volumes of the Annals of the Chosen; the third, La battaglia maghi (The Summer Palace), was apparently never published as a separate volume. The omnibus apparently had a blank cloth cover; I've never seen a copy.]


Hayakawa, 1993:


Timun Mas, 1992:

Timun Mas, 1993:

[I have also found a listing for La Espada de Bheleu, but I doubt it actually exists. I can't find an image anywhere, it's not included in any of several lists I checked that should have had it, it's credited to Richard Watt-Evans (a name that does not exist), and it's listed as a 1992 title when the "previous" volume was published in 1993.]


Amber, 1991:

Rebis, 1992:

Rebis, 1993:

MAG, 2001:

MAG, 2002:


Presses Pocket, 1993:

Bragelonne/Milady, 2009:

Bragelonne/Milady, 2010:


Valhalla Paholy, 1995:


AST, 1995:


Rusich, 1996:

AST, 1998:

AST, 1999:

AST, 2000:

AST, 2002:

AST, 2003:

AST, 2004:

AST, 2010:


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