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Bibliography for Lawrence Watt-Evans

Okay, here's the deal.

I've been writing with an eye to publication since 1963, when I was eight and prepared a short story for submission to F&SF (but lost my nerve and didn't mail it). I've been selling my writing since 1972, when I was a senior in high school and wrote feature articles for a small-town newspaper. I also started self-publishing profitably in 1972, with a mimeographed humor zine called Entropy. I started selling short stories in 1975, and sold my first novel in 1979, at age twenty-four. I went full-time in 1979, and was making my living from writing by 1983. I'm still going, though not full-time anymore.

No one has a complete bibliography of my work. Not me, not anyone. I haven't been careful about keeping records. Oh, I was for awhile in the 1980s, but I didn't keep it up. There's just too much, some of which nobody cares about, including me. Last time I tried compiling a complete bibliography, back in the previous century, it ran six pages of small single-spaced type and didn't include anything that wasn't published under the name Lawrence Watt-Evans (and remember, the hyphen was only added in 1980).

But I did put together assorted partial bibliographies over the years, arranged and formatted in various ways. Below are links to some of them. At any given time most or all of them will be out of date, but maybe you can find what you're after.

Good luck!

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