First off, let me state that this bibliography page for my non-fiction isn't anywhere near complete. To the best of my knowledge, no complete bibliography of my non-fiction exists -- certainly I don't have one. I started selling non-fiction early in 1972, when I was seventeen, and it simply didn't occur to me to keep records until much later.

Another reason this isn't complete is that I didn't know what I should count. Books, sure, and extensive articles in professional magazines, of course, but what about fillers? What about fanzine articles? What about interviews? Newspaper features? Letters of comment? Introductions to works by other people? Brief essays? Does it matter whether I got paid or not? Do I list a regular column as one item, or several?

So what I'm providing here is a list of works I chose arbitrarily, for one reason or another -- in many cases, especially for fanzine articles, because I've posted the piece in question here on the Misenchanted Page. If an article is on the web, the listing below will be a link that will take you directly to it.

I've tried to include everything I consider a major work of mine, as well as a broad assortment of stuff that's clearly not major. I've provided the information I have handy; often that's woefully inadequate, lacking such basics as dates. I hope to gradually fill in details, and other work, over time.

Links for magazines, publishers, authors other than myself, or other categories I haven't thought of yet will generally lead off-site to that entity's own website.



The Turtle Moves! Discworld's Story Unauthorized: BenBella Books, August 2008
A guide to Terry Pratchett's brilliant fantasy series.
Mind Candy: Wildside Press, February 2013
A collection of all my "Smart Pop" essays, as well as some other old articles (updated where I felt it necessary).


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Works of Mixed or Uncertain Origin, or Pieces Written for the Nets:

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