Smart Pop

From 2003 through 2007 I wrote occasionally for BenBella Books' "Smart Pop" series -- books of essays about various aspects of pop culture.

These were a lot of fun, and the pay wasn't bad. I keep telling myself I'd do better to concentrate on fiction, but when someone offers me money to write about Buffy or Star Trek, how can I resist?

Eventually, though, they ran out of topics that interested me, and I told them to stop inviting me, at least for now.

So here are the ones I wrote for during that five-year period, with the title of my essays for each. Click on the appropriate image if you'd like to buy one...

Seven Seasons of Buffy

"Matchmaking on the Hellmouth"

Finding Serenity

"The Heirs of Sawney Beane"

The Anthology At the End of the Universe

"A Consideration of Certain Aspects of Vogon Poetry"

The War of the Worlds

"Just Who Were Those Martians, Anyway?"

Flirting with Pride and Prejudice

"A World at War"

Revisiting Narnia

"On the Origins of Evil"

Mapping the World of Harry Potter

"Why Dumbledore Had to Die"

The Man from Krypton

"Previous Issues"

The Unauthorized X-Men

"Growing Up Mutant"

Boarding the Enterprise

"Lost Secrets of Pre-War Human Technology"

James Bond in the 21st Century

"Chinks in the Armor"


"Peter Parker's Penance"

Neptune Noir

"I'm in Love with My Car"

Grey's Anatomy 101

"Finding the Hero"


An anthology about Wonder Woman was planned, but never published. I wrote an essay for it entitled "Diana Who?" that has only appeared in Mind Candy (see right-hand column)



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