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If you're hoping for a bibliography, you're out of luck. I do not have anything close to a complete list of all the articles I've written and published. It simply didn't occur to me to keep track until it was much too late. I began selling non-fiction in 1972, when I was seventeen, starting with a handful of feature articles for a short-lived local newspaper, the Bedford Patriot -- and that's not counting the self-published humor 'zine I created, edited, and wrote about half of, Entropy, which turned a decent profit and arguably should therefore also count as professional writing. That was late in 1971 or early in 1972, I forget, starting at least a couple of months before I sold my first piece to the Patriot.

Since then I've written for major and minor newspapers, for dozens of magazines (including at least three regular columns, one of which ("Rayguns, Elves, & Skin-Tight Suits," in The Comics Buyer's Guide) lasted for over a hundred installments), for assorted fanzines, and for a variety of webzines. In some cases the line between professional writing and simple chatter is fuzzy or non-existent.

What I can offer instead of a bibliography is a list of links to articles on this website. It doesn't even include things I've written that are elsewhere on the web, such as interviews, guest blogs, etc.

And let it also be noted that there's some pretty good reading in my collections of writing advice and trip reports, which are collected elsewhere.

In fact, the list here overlaps with the writing advice list because some of these aren't so much advice as writing commentary.

So, let's get to it.

First and most obviously, I have blogs: "The Mind Control Lasers Lied to Me," and "the Serial Box." The former is a general-purpose blog, while the latter was specifically about stories I serialized online, but is now (on he very rare occasions I post) is about progress on whatever I'm writing or doing. Earlier blogs, such as "Strange Days," were incorporated into "The Mind Control Lasers Lied to Me."

And here are the rest. I welcome feedback on any and all of these. Many are out of date; if you notice any that are particulary egregious, please tell me.

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