Trip Reports

I've never entirely understood why people enjoy reading trip reports, but they obviously do. Sometimes I like writing them, so hey, why not?

The first trip report I wrote, not counting school assignments on "What I Did Last Summer," was a fourteen-page single-spaced letter to one of my sisters, back in 1971, describing a three-week tour of Europe; since then I've probably written a couple of dozen at one time or another. Most of them are long since lost and gone.

Generally, though, when I write a trip report these days, it's online somewhere -- usually Facebook or somewhere similar. It's pretty easy to save those and repost them here, so I used to do that occasionally. I haven't in a long time, though.

Most of these originated in my topic on the old Genie Science Fiction Round Table, which is long gone, or on my SFF Net newsgroup, also defunct, but the trip reports survive. I actually have one or two more of those archived that I've never reposted...

Here's what I've posted so far:

That's all for now.


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