Trip Reports

I've never entirely understood why people enjoy reading trip reports, but they obviously do. Sometimes I like writing them, so hey, why not?

The first trip report I wrote, not counting school assignments on "What I Did Last Summer," was a fourteen-page single-spaced letter to one of my sisters, back in 1971, describing a three-week tour of Europe; since then I've probably written a couple of dozen at one time or another. Most of them are long since lost and gone.

Generally, though, when I write a trip report these days, it's online somewhere -- Facebook, or my LiveJournal, or somewhere similar. It's pretty easy to save those and repost them here, so sometimes I do.

Many of these originated in my topic on the old Genie Science Fiction Round Table, which is long gone, or on my SFF Net newsgroup, but the trip reports survive. I actually have one or two more of those archived that I've never reposted...

Here's what I've posted so far:

That's all for now...


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