The Latest News for Watt-Evans Readers

Tor gives March 7, 2017 as the official release date for the mass-market paperback edition of Above His Proper Station. I haven't actually seen a copy yet.

Patreon I have launched a Patreon page where I'll be posting whatever comes to hand for my patrons, with a minimum pledge of $1.00 per month. I've promised to add at least two items a month, at least one of which will be a short story. So far, I've posted several short stories -- some previously unpublished, some just obscure -- several maps, a couple of covers, story ideas and fragments that never got finished, etc., all visible only to patrons. I expect patrons will also get advance e-books of new novels, when there are any.

Wildside says The Lawrence Watt-Evans Fantasy Megapack should be out by the end of March.

Twirling Jennies

For the first time, Misenchanted Press has published non-fiction -- my sister's obsessively-researched, lavishly-illustrated history of social dance in Lowell, Massachusetts.

She's put together a website about it, and of course you can order it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

My daughter Kyrith is now doing a webcomic called Misguided Light. Check it out!

I occasionally send out e-mail notices called the Misenchanted Newsletter, updating the latest news on my publications. I've promised these will appear no more than once a week unless there are urgent corrections needed; it usually seems to run once or twice a month when there's no serial in progress, weekly if there are serial updates to report. E-mail me if you'd like to sign up for it.

In addition to the fairly concise reporting of writing news in the regular edition, I also now offer an occasional "chatty version," with more personal commentary, that you can also subscribe to. The chatty version comes out much less often.

If you decide you don't like either one, you can always unsubscribe; I have no interest in antagonizing readers by sending them things they don't want.

If you've signed up for the newsletter and haven't received it, please e-mail me and let me know! Issue #113 went out February 28th.


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