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Charming Sharra

Now available: Charming Sharra, the fifteenth novel set in Ethshar.

In January 2023 FoxAcre Press underwent a major contraction, dropping all titles where they pay royalties and giving the rights back to the authors. I had seven titles at FoxAcre. I put all of them back into print in new editions as quickly as I could, as Misenchanted Press books.

Those seven titles became eight, since I couldn't decide which previous title to use for one of them and therefore published it under both.

The eight include Nightside City, its sequel, Realms of Light, short story collections Crosstime Traffic and Celestial Debris, the novel Shining Steel, and two versions of Denner's Wreck a.k.a. Among the Powers. (Those two have identical contents; the only difference is the title.) The other short story collection, The Final Folly of Captain Dancy and Other Pseudohistorical Fantasies, has been expanded from four stories to ten and retitled The Final Folly of Captain Dancy and Other Tall Tales.

Nightside City Realms of Light Crosstime Traffic Celestial Debris Shining Steel Denner's Wreck Among the Powers The Final Folly of Captain Dancy & Other Tall Tales

The audiobooks of the Annals of the Chosen (The Wizard Lord, The Ninth Talisman, and The Summer Palace) are now available on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.

For the first time, Misenchanted Press has published non-fiction -- my sister's obsessively-researched, lavishly-illustrated history of social dance in Lowell, Massachusetts. She's put together a website about it, and of course you can order it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Twirling Jennies

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