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We have bought a new house and settled down in Washington state. I'm trying to get back into production. Updating this webpage... well, I'm making a start, but it won't be fully current for awhile yet. There are three more short stories that should be listed here: "The Night People," in the Fall 2019 issue of Amazing; "Personal Space" in the October 2019 issue of Asimov's; and "Paul is Dead" in the anthology Across the Universe. Unfortunately, I haven't got the links, pages, and cover images ready yet. Asimov's, Mar-Apr 2019

A new story, "How I Found Harry's All-Night Hamburgers," is in the March/April 2019 issue of Asimov's. This is the fourth story using this setting; more are in the works. Lace and Blade Vol. 5

The anthology Lace and Blade Vol. 5, edited by Deborah J. Ross, contains my story, "An Interrupted Betrothal." Both paperback and ebook are available. Release the Virgins

My story "Valedictory" leads off the anthology Release the Virgins, edited by Michael Ventrella, now available both in paperback and as an ebook.

The audiobook of With A Single Spell is now available. The audiobooks of Dragon Weather, The Dragon Society, and Dragon Venom are all now available, as well.

In 2018 Warner Brothers optioned a feature film version of "Why I Left Harry's All-Night Hamburgers," adapted by Steven Desmond and Michael Sherman. See these stories in the Hollywood Reporter or the Tracking Board for more details. The option is still paid up and in effect, but beyond that I can't tell you anything.

For the first time, Misenchanted Press has published non-fiction -- my sister's obsessively-researched, lavishly-illustrated history of social dance in Lowell, Massachusetts. She's put together a website about it, and of course you can order it from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Twirling Jennies

I occasionally send out e-mail notices called the Misenchanted Newsletter, updating the latest news on my publications. I've promised these will appear no more than once a week unless there are urgent corrections needed; it usually seems to run about once a month. To subscribe, e-mail me. (I used to have a form you could use, but so many spammers were hitting it I gave up.)

In addition to the fairly concise reporting of writing news in the regular edition, I also now offer an occasional "chatty version," with more personal commentary, that you can also subscribe to. The chatty version comes out much less often.

If you decide you don't like either one, you can always unsubscribe; I have no interest in antagonizing readers by sending them things they don't want.

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