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Latest update: January 15, 2013

I've been very bad about keeping this up to date. Let me quickly summarize what happened to the stuff I listed back in August of 2011:

So, new stuff:

No online serials are in progress, but I intend to start another one this summer. It will be another Ethshar story, probably either Ishta's Companion (formerly A Stranger in the Forest) or Stone Unturned (which will combine The Wizard's Garden, A Slave of Wizardry, The Demon's Master, and some new stuff into a single fat novel). Each of those has a few chapters written, as of now.

I still have nothing under contract at Tor or any other major publisher, unfortunately.

After collecting a few rejections, I'm revising Vika's Avenger with an eye to funding its publication through a Kickstarter campaign.

And here are some (not all) of the other projects I've been working on:

There are lots more in various stages, but these are the most active right now. Word-counts are approximate, and only count the main text; all of these have outlines, notes, and so on, as well.

And yes, I'm writing science fiction again. I figure that if I'm not writing for a New York publisher, I don't need to worry about genre. Maybe I can sell them to Baen.

There are no guarantees I'll ever finish any of these, but they're what I'm working on.

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