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Until the summer of 2015 I was absolutely abysmal about keeping this up to date; it ought to be updated at least monthly, and I'd been averaging roughly once every two years. I'm making an effort to do better, with some success; let's hope it lasts. (Though I skipped the entire month of November, 2016. Not good.)

Let me point out that for more than thirty years, while I might be working on multiple projects at once, there was almost always one that had top priority. Most of the time there was at least one under contract, and often more than one. Alas, this hasn't been the case for the past few years. With no contracts, no regular publisher, and no serials running, I've been free to work on whatever I like, and I've often been hopping from project to project rather than focusing on just one or two novels. I keep hoping one will catch fire and grab all my attention; sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't.

So, here's what I've worked on and not finished since July 1, 2015, with the most recent at the top, and getting older as you go down:

  • "The Dancing Teacher" (formerly "The Dance Lesson"): A short fantasy story about a court magician and a prince's dancing teacher. I'm on page 8 of an estimated 25-30. The title has changed and may well change again. Begun on spec, but I've now received an anthology invitation where I think it should fit.

  • Stone Unturned: The next Ethshar novel. I finished the first draft months ago -- 476 pages, forty-three chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue, well over 100,000 words in all -- and am a few chapters into the second draft.

  • The Wizard's Key is a story set in the Walasian Empire maybe twenty years before A Young Man Without Magic -- I think; the date may well change. It involves a pair of sisters with certain magical gifts. I came up with the premise weeks ago but resisted the temptation to actually start writing it until October 19th, 2016, when I produced the first three pages. I've written several more pages since and am now on Chapter Two.

  • Eleven Blades is another new fantasy story that insisted I start it. I'm on page 8. I think it's an entirely new setting.

  • I've started Tom Derringer and the Steam-Powered Saurians, the second sequel to Tom Derringer and the Aluminum Airship. This one has dinosaurs, Mormons, and more. I have more than 45 pages written and am well into Chapter Five.

  • I've plotted three more Tom Derringer novels -- well, not so much "plotted" as come up with premises for them and figured out how they connect to the series. They're Tom Derringer and the Electric Empire, Tom Derringer and the Floating Fortress, and one where I haven't settled on a title but it involves the Lost City of the Mirage.

  • Tom Derringer in the Tunnels of Terror, the first sequel to Tom Derringer and the Aluminum Airship, is complete in first draft, at 262 pages, 68,500 words. Of course, it still needs lots of revision; I don't know when it'll be fit to publish. It involves the lizard-people tunnels under Los Angeles, the heirs of Emperor Norton, the great Los Angeles flood of 1884, and other fun stuff. Haven't started revising yet because I wanted to finish the first drafts of Stone Unturned and Bravo Foxtrot.

  • I've launched a Patreon page, and settled into a regular pattern. I post at least one short story and one other item every month, and patrons will be able to get one or two ebooks a year free. (The first free ebook, in October 2016, was Hazmat & Other Toxic Stories.)

  • I'm not the one working on this, but an audiobook edition of Dragon Weather is in the works. It's been delayed; not sure when it will be ready. Meanwhile, at Wildside, an audiobook of The Misenchanted Sword is in the production queue, but I have no idea how long that will take to actually reach listeners.

  • Scattered Sparks: A new fantasy novel project that I came up with late on January 28, 2016. I wrote about fifteen pages in my initial burst of enthusiasm, but seem to have stalled out on page 27.

  • The Innkeeper's Daughter is over fifty pages now.

  • I'm up to fifty pages on Veran the Fair and the Thieves of Borgran.

  • Wrote the first couple of pages of Kelder the Small, an Ethshar novel.

  • I seem to have plotted a superhero novel, but haven't started writing it: The Rise and Fall of the Emerald Eagle, set in the same city as "One of the Boys."

  • Three Days Late for the Hanging: This popped into my head awhile back, demanding to be written. I'm sixteen pages in, and think it's going to be a novelet, maybe a novella, rather than a novel. It's a supernatural Western about a deal with Death (not the Devil, just Death) that's gone slightly wrong and needs to be fixed.

  • The Multidimensional Adventures of Victoria Jane Nesbitt: I have no idea whether this is going to be a novel, a never-ending serial, or what, but it ate my brain for awhile. I only have three pages of actual text, but lots and lots of notes and outlines. It's about a fourth-grade teacher who happens to have the Chosen One of an alternate universe in her class.

  • It probably won't go anywhere, but I just started a story called "Uncle George" about a kid discovering that his uncle is a famous hero in another world. And after I'd written the first couple of pages I realized it's connected to The Multidimensional Adventures of Victoria Jane Nesbitt.

I have literally dozens of other projects that could be considered works in progress; see my future projects page for information about several of them. This list (including both the above works in progress and the stuff below that I'm no longer working on) is everything I've actually worked on since July 1, 2015, though.

Incidentally, I welcome feedback on which of these you'd like to see finished; feel free to e-mail me with your preferences.

Let me quickly summarize what happened to stuff I'd listed on this page previously:

For anything not listed above, see my future projects page.


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