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Books for Sale: Foreign Editions!


June 2020: Books are available for sale once again, but not all of them are sorted yet, so there may be some delays if I have trouble finding certain titles. These listings should be accurate, but I have not yet double-checked everything. Also, please note that I've had to raise my shipping charges, as rates have gone up more than once since I set them.

I assume that if you've found this page, you've already seen my basic "books for sale" page or one of the other spin-offs and know what's going on -- I'm trying to clear out some storage space, and am therefore selling off extra copies of my books.

This page is for foreign editions only. My overseas publishers don't always send me copies, and when they do it's anywhere from one to a dozen; I generally want to keep two for reference, so I'm listing the others here. Because the number is so variable, some of these are in very limited quantities.

Prices are pretty arbitrary, and if you buy more than one book they're negotiable.

I'm sorting by language first. I have not attempted to list titles in non-alphabetic languages in anything but English.

If you want one you don't see here and can't find locally, your best bet is the various online bookstores. If you're not in the U.S., I have a few you might want to check out.

See below for payment information, alternate sources, autographing terms, e-book news, shipping costs, and other details.

If you want a book that's not listed here, it can't hurt to e-mail me and ask, but it's unlikely I have any.

What I've Got:

British editions: Mass-market Paperbacks

With A Single Spell
Grafton 1988

With A Single Spell:  Grafton


The Cyborg and the Sorcerers
Grafton 1990

The Cyborg and the Sorcerers:  Grafton


The Wizard and the War Machine
Grafton 1990

The Wizard and the War Machine: Grafton


German editions: Mass-market Paperbacks

Das verhexte Schwert
(The Misenchanted Sword)
Heyne 1989

Das Verhexte Schwert


Die Drachenbrüder
(second half of Dragon Weather)
Knaur 2001

Die DrachenBrüder


Der Drachen Orden
(first half of The Dragon Society)
Knaur 2002

Der Drachen Orden


Angriff der Drachen
(second half of The Dragon Society)
Knaur 2002

Angriff der Drachen


French editions:

La Horde du Cauchemar
(The Nightmare People)
Presse Pocket 1993
Mass-market paperback

The Nightmare People in French


Un Temps de Dragon
(Dragon Weather)
Milady 2009
Large-format trade paperbacks

Dragon Weather in French


La Société du Dragon
(The Dragon Society
Milady 2009
Large-format trade paperbacks

The Dragon Society in French


Le Venin du Dragon
(Dragon Venom)
Milady 2010
Large-format trade paperbacks

Dragon Venom in French


Italian editions:
Large-format trade paperbacks

Il Signore dei Maghi
(The Wizard Lord)
Newton Compton 2008

The Wizard Lord in Italian


Il Nono Talismano
(The Ninth Talisman)
Newton Compton 2009

The Ninth Talisman in Italian


Russian editions:

Киборг и Чародеи
Маг и Боевой Звездолет

(omnibus of The Cyborg and the Sorcerers and The Wizard and the War Machine)
AST 1994


Заклинание с Изъяном
(omnibus of The Misenchanted Sword and With A Single Spell
AST 1996

The Misenchanted Sword/With A Single Spell


Кровь Дракона
(omnibus of The Unwilling Warlord and The Blood of a Dragon
AST 1996

The Unwilling Warlord/The Blood of a Dragon


Заклямие Черного Кинжала
(The Spell of the Black Dagger)
AST 1998

The Spell of the Black Dagger


Волшедная Дорога
(Taking Flight)
AST 1999

Taking Flight


Ночь Безумия
(Night of Madness)
AST 2002

Night of Madness


Japanese editions:
Mass-market paperback

Nightside City
Hayakawa 1993

Nightside City


Shipping costs

Add $3.00 shipping:

Add $5.00 shipping:

Payment terms: I use PayPal's shopping cart, so I can accept credit cards or payment from a PayPal account that way.

Acceptance Mark

If you prefer not to deal with PayPal, you can order by mail. I have a post office box again: P.O. Box 10382, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110. You can send orders there; enclose payment by check, please.

Shipping: There is no additional charge for shipping for orders over $25.00 sent anywhere in the U.S. by media mail -- it's already included in the prices. If you want your purchase sent by Priority Mail, add $5.00. For orders under $10.00, it's $5.00 for anywhere in the U.S.; for orders from $10.01 to $25, it's $7.00 for the order. For shipping outside the U.S., it's $50.00 regardless of the size of the order; I know that's a lot, but overseas shipping has gotten expensive! If you're using PayPal, the shipping charge may be added automatically -- but they've been tinkering with the software, so double-check.

Autographs: Please specify in a separate e-mail whether you want your copy autographed or unsigned, and if signed, whether you want it personalized, or just a signature. It's the same price either way. If you don't say, I don't sign it.

Other sources: You can find many of my books for sale from the major online booksellers: Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and so on. Some recent titles, mostly reprint, are also available directly from their respective publishers, Wildside Press and FoxAcre Press. FoxAcre also has one or two of my Tor titles in stock.

If you'll settle for used copies, you might look at abebooks or, of course, eBay.

If you're outside North America and these options don't work for you, I'm sorry, but I can't help much. I do have a page of international booksellers, but it's impossible to keep up with the entire world.

E-books: If you're interested in downloading e-book versions of my work, you can find several on Amazon's Kindle store, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Wildside Press, or elsewhere. Assortments vary from site to site. I don't sell any e-texts from my own site.