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Over the years I've accumulated an assortment of advice about writing here on the Misenchanted Page, from me and sometimes others, to would-be and beginning writers. These tidbits have been gathered from articles, poems, letters, e-mail, Usenet posts, and various other things I've written (or read) over the past thirty-plus years. Some of the advice may be somewhat out of date, especially given the current upheaval in the publishing business brought on by ebooks, chain bookstore bankruptcies, and so on, but most of it is still sound.

I'll also sometimes answer questions in e-mail and add 'em to the appropriate FAQ -- "Getting Published," "Writing," or whatever -- if I think they're of general interest.


This page is in two sections:

Miscellaneous Advice and Collected Words of Wisdom:

Links to More of My Advice:

If you already finished writing your book or novel, you should consider sharing it with others by making a ebook.

And that's everything as of July 14, 2011.


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