Theoretically, We Now Have Dates

[Originally posted July 17, 2006]

I fiddled the settings so that comments should now have dates, as well as times. And the colors are no longer particularly weird.

So now you have no excuse for not posting! Say hello, ask a question, make a suggestion…

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2 thoughts on “Theoretically, We Now Have Dates

  1. Lawrence,

    Hmmm … just found Helix. You know, you have enough stuff on the internet now that you ought to get someone to do a “master LWE index” so that fans can find it all (not me, though).

    Anyway, I had a couple-three ideas for the financial side of Helix, if things start taking off:

    a) when there’s enough money, you should start accepting some form of payment other than Paypal for reasons I’m sure you’re familiar with, and

    b) when you start getting enough, you should figure out some way to earmark per-story donations, which the author could get a commission on;

    c) you should have some sort of agreement in place for the day when someone wants to publish a collection;

    d) while people are unwilling to pay subscriptions consistently, they are often willing to pay for “premium” services like full archive access or advance reader rights.

    Just some thoughts. I agree that speculative SF needs a new business model … hopefully this is it.

  2. a) We do accept methods other than PayPal; some people send checks. We’re fine with that.

    b) We can’t; it would violate the existing contracts. The Misenchanted Tales page, on the other hand, will have such a system once I have stories up.

    c) The contracts address this, though I prefer not to say just what our standard terms are.

    d) Donors do get to see the next issue early; right now there are a few dozen people with access to the second issue. We don’t have any other extras set up at present, but we’ll consider suggestions.

    And I really need to make clear that Helix isn’t under my control; it’s Will Sanders’ baby. He makes the rules and edits the thing. I manage the money and sign the contracts and help out when there’s anything editorial Will isn’t sure how to handle. Melanie runs the website, Amy does the paperwork, etc.

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