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[Originally posted July 4, 2006]

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4 thoughts on “Yet More Guestblook

  1. I’m readin DW yet again and I have another question.
    When Arlian is joined with the caravan and Sweetwater, he sits outside by a palm tree listening to the masters discuss what route they will take from Sweetwater while they are in their wagon. While they are talking to each other, in writing it gives movements and expressions in body language. Was this a mistake (as Ari was outside the wagon and shouldn’t have been able to see inside) or did I miss something?

  2. Mistakes happen. Was just wondering if I missed something.
    You’re probably gettin a lil annoyed with me about now, as I’ve pointed out several mistakes. Sorry about that, but I have questions and well, they turn up as mistakes.
    Another question: When Ari fights Kuruvan and the girls are brought out, it says that Hasty has a slight bulge to her tummy. Then when they all get back to the Old Palace, Hasty says she thinks she’s pregnant with ‘Vanni’s baby. Then again a few chapters later, it said Hasty was visably pregnant with Kuruvan’s child.
    Wasn’t the bulge in her tummy saying that she was visably pregnant?

  3. Not all tummy bulges are pregnancies; some are just a good dinner. That first mention — yes, she was pregnant, but it wasn’t obvious yet. By the next mention it was unmistakable.

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