Forward into the Future!

I am once again attempting to bring order out of chaos, this time by merging as many of my blogs and discussion areas as possible into one. SFF Net has been kind enough to add WordPress capabilities, so I’ve transferred the contents of Strange Days and the old Blogger version of The Mind Control Lasers Lied to Me into my nice new WordPress files as categories.

Theoretically it should be possible to import my LiveJournal files as well, but I haven’t yet made that work, so there’s a link to Luncheon ex Machina, instead. And there’s a link to the Guestbook, and to the Discussion area on my webpage that works as a front end for a newsgroup.

So it’s all right here, and the theory is that when I have something to say, I’ll post it here. The Blogger and LiveJournal blogs are now officially abandoned.

There’s an RSS feed and everything.

8 thoughts on “Forward into the Future!

  1. Hey, Lawrence,

    I’m looking forward to the sequel for The Wizard Lord; I bought it in hardback and quite enjoyed it. I think I can see where you’re going with this one; is there a literary/historical inspiration for it like there was for the Dragon series?

    Glad to see that you’ve joined the 21st century of the “blogosphere” (which always sounded to me like it should be a George Lucas alien).

    Note that I won’t post to the Guestbook anymore. is not publically displaying the IP addresses of anyone who posts there, which is an invitation to script kiddies to try to break into their computers. I recommend that you emphasize this blog until they get that straightened out.

  2. Wildside’s planning to do omnibus volumes, yes; I don’t have a date, but we do have a contract for the first one.

    The Wizard Lord isn’t based on a specific source, it’s sort of a reaction to the quest fantasies that were so popular in the 1980s.

    The second volume, The Ninth Talisman, is scheduled for May 2007. I’m still writing the third one.

    I’m sorry you’re not happy with the current Guestbook set-up, and I understand your objection. The IP addresses are intended as another spam control method, but they might be overkill — I’ve noticed the new version gets fewer real posts than the old, as well as staying spam-free.

    I’ve actually had a blog or two for awhile, they just weren’t very visible until now.

  3. Lawrence,

    Glad to hear it. I’ll look forward to seeing that in the bookstore. I’ll also buy The Spriggan Mirror from Wildside; I’m not fond of reading fiction on the computer screen and would rather pay my $20 to read fiction in bed. So I’m keen that you’ve been able to do both formats — I hope The Vondish Ambassador works as well.

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