The Rest of the Story

[Originally posted November 10, 2005]

If you got here from the link on my webpage promising some of my musings, you may be wondering, “Where the heck are they? Why isn’t there anything here but beer reviews?”

The answer is that I’m in the process of re-arranging things. My old (very old) weblog, “Strange Days,” didn’t allow comments — yes, such a thing was possible once upon a time — and wound up more or less abandoned as a result. It was boring posting stuff there and getting no response.

So I’ve started this new one, which does allow comments, to see whether that works better — and at the urging of some denizens of my SFF Net newsgroup (see “Discussions”), I’ve also started a third blog, “Luncheon ex Machina,”, on LiveJournal.

The theory is that this one will run to mini-essays, while “Luncheon ex Machina” will be geared toward casual chat — though of course it may not work out that way. I expect some duplication between them.

So the number of places for me to waste my time online, instead of writing, has multipled — there’s “The Mind Control Lasers Lied to Me” here, and “Luncheon ex Machina” over there, and the old reliable newsgroup discussion, and of course my Guestbook.

[Note, 9/9/06:  Strange Days has been relocated as a category here.  All entries have been preserved.]

3 thoughts on “The Rest of the Story

  1. I actually prefer the blog format to the NNTP format. Things get hard to follow when viewed through either of the web browser-based formats you provided.

    The primary thing that I think you may find lacking about this format is that you basically have to drop some sort of post of substance every once in a while or people won’t tend to bother stopping by. At least that has been my experience.

    Of course, I would love to see you rant about stuff from time to time.

  2. Well, then don’t follow the NNTP format through a web browser! Get a real newsreader. Free Agent works nicely and is, well, free.

    (The documentation sucks, though; I don’t think it ever even says to use spacebar for “read next new message,” and that’s the single key command for the whole package.)

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