2 thoughts on “Where is everybody?

  1. Just came here today.
    As for why not interaction, maybe it’s an emergent thing? You say something controversial and either start a flamewar or get a sensible discussion going.
    To wit, have you noticed that your characters are too sane? I think that people like to read about people on the edge of losing it, of obsession. Your characters are pretty sensible. Well, ‘Spell Of The Black Dagger’, my favorite, had the usupuring Empress as a driven individual. This is my favorite book of yours, which may be connected.
    Hey, write one with a merchant shipper for a change. What goods does he ship, what kind of trouble do they make, how does he get out of a pirate attack, etc.
    Turtledove (Turtletaub) wrote ‘The Wine Dark Sea’ about some Rhodes merchant shippers once. Loved it. Unfortuneately the other readers didn’t enough for there to be more than three of them, sigh.
    Would have liked to see him make it to Britain.

  2. I’ve written driven, not entirely sane characters — usually as villains, as in Touched by the Gods and The Wizard and the War Machine, but as the hero in the Obsidian Chronicles.

    Still, it’s an interesting theory. Bears some consideration.

    By the way, Harry Turtledove’s real name is Turtledove; he used “Turteltaub” as his pen name for his historical writing to keep it separate from his SF/fantasy work.

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