Beer Log, March 2005

New beers tried this month:

Dead Guy Ale, from Rogue Breweries — see here.

Dead Guy Ale is a bock, but if I hadn’t looked it up I wouldn’t know that; it just tastes like a good hoppy ale, nothing tremendously special, but nice. Bought a bottle on a whim in Palm Springs, mostly because I liked the label; the name comes from it having been invented as a seasonal beer specifically for the Day of the Dead.

Hellas Pils, from Hellenic Breweries of Atalanti, SA.

Got this with dinner at a Greek restaurant the other night; light, clean taste, more like a good Mexican beer than anything else European* I’ve ever tried. Or maybe a bit reminiscent of Kirin, the Japanese beer. In any case, clearly intended for a warm climate. Went well with chicken shish kebab. Online reviews indicate it doesn’t age well at all, though, so do check the “sell by” date on the label.


*I’ve tried Italian and Spanish beer; this isn’t like them at all.

2 thoughts on “Beer Log, March 2005

  1. Lawrence, just come stay a week in Portland and drink beer the whole time. There’s a reason they call it BEERVANA. Also, your writing kicks ass.

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