Helix: Our first year is complete

The fourth issue of Helix is now up and open to the public.

This issue has stories by Mike Allen & Charles Saplak, Sara Genge, Berry Kercheval, James Killus, Jennifer Pelland, Robert Reed, and Pras Stillman, as well as poetry by Greg Beatty, Serena Fusek, Samantha Henderson, Mary Horton, Drew Morse, and Mikal Trim. Not to mention the usual features (though we’ve dropped the book review column), including, of course, an editorial by Yr. Humble Servant.

Check it out. Send us money.

4 thoughts on “Helix: Our first year is complete

  1. Hey, Lawerence:

    As well as Helix, I see that Ninth Talisman is due out May 15th. Time to pre-order …

  2. Lawrence,

    FYI, if you ever come to San Francisco for signings (unlikely, I know), ping me by e-mail. I know the best places for dinner, which is saying something in a city of 3000 restaurants.

  3. Been a few years since I’ve been in San Francisco, and I’ve never done any signings there.

    I’ll try to remember, should the occasion arise.

    As a matter of fact, I’m leaving in the morning to do some traveling, but all in the Northeast, not out west — my nephew is getting married this Sunday, in Massachusetts.

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