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So a few days ago, being momentarily caught up on lots of stuff, and with a mix CD Karen Taylor had given me years ago playing in the background, I decided I could take a moment to listen to the music.

And the music was “Breathe,” by Maria McKee, which is heartbreakingly beautiful, and I decided I needed to add the album where it originally appeared to my collection.

So I went to CD Universe (my preferred music source, and if anyone ever wins the lottery by playing the ISBN number off one of my books and decides to reward me for it, I have a public wish list there) and looked up Maria McKee…

Well, first, actually, I searched on the song lyrics, to get title and artist, because I wasn’t sure I remembered them. Found it easily (very memorable lyrics), then went to CD Universe and looked up Maria McKee.

They didn’t list a lot of albums for her; in fact, they don’t list the only one I already have. I looked through the listings, and only found “Breathe” on live albums and “best of” collections.

I thought I must have missed something, or maybe she’d recorded it when she was still with Lone Justice, so I chose “song” and searched on “Breathe.”

Oh my gods!

There are 326 listings for songs entitled “Breathe.” I knew there were others, but 326? Yes, there are multiple versions of lots of songs, but still, 326 listings!

There’s Pink Floyd’s and Collective Soul’s and Depeche Mode’s and Melissa Etheridge’s and Kylie Minogue’s, all of which, I realized, I knew. Not to mention Kate Bush’s “Breathing,” which did not come up.

And McKee’s first version still isn’t there, except as an import; it must be out of print. Sigh.

So I’ve added her “best of” album to my wish list, and I went to check out the sample of “Breathe” from her “Live in Hamburg” album, and…

Again, my gods!

It’s the same song, the same voice, but very different and equally powerful. So now “Live in Hamburg” is on my list, too.

It’s interesting not only that there are so many songs called “Breathe,” but how many of them are good

10 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. Lawrence,

    On a completely different topic, when is The Spriggan Mirror coming out in print? Is it still with Wildside? I recently tried to order a copy, only to be told it wasn’t available yet.


  2. It’s out; when did you last try?

    Yes, it’s from Wildside, but you’d probably do better ordering it from Amazon or B&N at the moment.

  3. Sorry, never mind, the hold just cleared. I’m ordering it now … done, yaaay.

    However … Wildside does *not* have you listed, or The Spriggan Mirror, anywhere on their website. Seems odd.

  4. BTW, previously I tried to order it through Ingram, which has it listed as “on order, no date expected”. If sales have been slow, you might want to ask Wildside what’s going on with Ingram; with PDW in recievership you can’t get any books to bookstores, not even for special order, if Ingram doesn’t have you.

  5. It shipped from the printer on December 21; I don’t know why it’s taking so long to get into the system. I suppose it’s Wildside being slow. I should probably nag them.

  6. Yeah, long ago; it’s scheduled for May. The title is The Ninth Talisman.

    I’m working on the third and final volume, The Summer Palace.

  7. Lawrence,

    Got my copy of Spriggan Mirror from Amazon today; looking forward to reading it. I’m glad the online serial thing is working, but I prefer a real book.

  8. Do you ever go to conventions? And if so, do you do readings of new material? I understand if you don’t. I can understand a writer wanting to be a writer, not a reader or performer.

  9. I go to conventions, but I quit doing readings about a decade ago; I decided they were more work than they’re worth.

    I plan to be at Balticon in May. (Hmm. I should update my Convention Calendar.) Nothing else scheduled as yet.

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