A Young Man Without MagicA Young Man Without Magic

The first novel of the Bound Lands

Part One of the Fall of the Sorcerers

A Young Man Without Magic

This volume begins the tale of Anrel Murau, a young man of good family in the Walasian Empire. Although he comes from a clan of sorcerers, Anrel failed the tests for magical ability, and is instead training as a scholar, hoping for a career as a clerk. He returns home from studying in Lume, the imperial capital, and finds his best friend, Lord Valin, has become caught up in politics, and has defied and angered the landgrave, or provincial governor, Lord Allutar. Anrel tries to talk sense to his friend, but matters quickly get out of hand...

The next volume is Above His Proper Station.

Published by Tor Books:
Hardcover, November 2009
E-book, November 2009
Trade paperback, December 2013.

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