Super Medic!

Long ago, when he was a kid, my son Julian collected plush animals in certain categories: polar bears and crustaceans.

Actually, they didn't have to be plush if they were crustaceans. (He also collected beanbag dragons and pieces of real animals, but that's irrelevant.) He wound up with scads of stuffed crabs and stuffed lobsters -- most of them bright red, which of course means they've been cooked, but we ignored that. Any time we took a long trip, he'd be on the lookout for additions to his collection, as souvenirs. We got a canned lobster from Niagara Falls, Ontario, for example.

Super Medic is one of the largest and most-used of the entire collection. She was hand-made by his Aunt Marian, and is absolutely unique.

For one thing, Super Medic is not just a toy, but a superhero.

If I remember correctly how this came about, it went something like this: Years ago, Julian and Kiri were playing with various toys, and one toy was "injured." Whereupon Kiri called, "We need a medic!"

Julian got his giant stuffed lobster and brought it swooping to the rescue, calling, "Here comes the medic!" Since it was flying, he added, "It's Super Medic!"

The name stuck, and she went on to acquire a sex, a family, a personality, theme music, and all the other appropriate trappings. She's female, her husband's name is Mega Medic and they have one child, Fries Medic (for an explanation of the little one's name, see "How Mr. Crabbie Got a First Name"). Her theme music is the Superman theme from the old Fleisher Superman cartoons.

And then there's her ritual. You see, Super Medic is a true superhero. She helps people in distress. And she has a magic medic mirror that tells her who to help -- in theory; in practice it doesn't always work.

So... she'll look into the mirror and say, "Medic mirror on the wall, who needs my help the most of all?" Then she'll see her own reflection and announce, "I'm coming, self!" and do a back-flip, trying to come to her own rescue.

Hey, no one (other than Julian when he was being contrary) ever said lobsters were bright.


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