Realms of Light

From November 2008 to November 2010 I serialized a science fiction detective story, Realms of Light, financed by reader contributions. The novel only ran twenty chapters, but nonetheless, the serial was never finished; only fifteen chapters were ever posted.

However, I did finish the novel, which was published in November 2010 by FoxAcre Press -- it's available here, as well as on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the Book Depository. The ebook version is available for the Kindle, for the Nookicon, and from Koboicon.

Realms of Light is a sequel to Nightside City. Nightside City was originally published by Del Rey Books in 1989, but is also currently in print from FoxAcre. So far, these two novels are the only published stories about Carlisle Hsing.

Since the serial is done and I'm not planning any more, I don't see any reason to keep the explanation of the mechanics of the process, but if anyone's curious, it was simple: If readers sent enough money, I posted the next chapter. If they didn't send the money, I didn't post it.

For the latter part of the novel, they didn't send the money.


That's it; here's your list of handy exits:

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