Where Am I?

Obviously, this blog isn’t very active of late. I keep meaning to pay more attention to it, but it keeps not happening. Where should you go, then, to find out what I’m doing?

I publish a free newsletter called “The Misenchanted Newsletter” through Substack; it’s more or less monthly, and if I remember I usually repost it to my Patreon page within a day or two. It’s mostly about what I’m writing and publishing, since I assume that’s what most readers are interested in.

I’m active on social media, specifically Facebook and Bluesky. I also read Mastodon and CounterSocial for news, but don’t post much on Mastodon and don’t post anything on CounterSocial.

On Facebook I have two pages — a business one that’s strictly publishing news and sees very few posts because I don’t have much publishing news these days, and a personal one I post to a lot.

I have a zillion other accounts going back many years, but I don’t use ’em, I just don’t usually bother closing them when I abandon them. I haven’t kept track of them all. I have two Instagram accounts (by mistake), one of which I still read, but I never post to either of them. (I did post to one of them once or twice back in 2017; I think it was the one I’ve stopped following.) If you want to see pretty pictures of travel, family, and the like, you’d do better to follow my wife’s Instagram.

And that’s all I can think of right now.

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