A Little Game

From a newsgroup post dated January 30, 2011:

This is swiped from a private mailing list I’m on; I hope they won’t mind…

Let us suppose a network decided that you, yes you, are a marketing genius, and they hired you, at extravagant rates, to create three series for them.

The first is to be a continuation of an existing series that was cancelled too soon — tell them which series should have been kept alive, and what direction it would take to prevent a second cancellation.

The second is to be a remake/re-imagining of a canceled series, and you have all of TV’s history to play with, from the 1940s to last week.

And finally, give them a spin-off — doesn’t matter whether the original series is still thriving or long dead.

My original three (later revised, but we’ll get to that) were:
Revival: “Invasion”
Remake: “Car 54, Where Are You?”
Spin-off: “Wesley Wyndham-Price, Rogue Demon Hunter”

Note: I have 345 more saved newsgroup posts. No, not all will wind up on this blog. I started with 589, and I haven’t posted anywhere near 244 here. Most either just get trashed, or saved as text files for my own use. The ones that wind up here are the ones I think might be of interest.

Follow-up note: I just did another pass through the backlog, and reduced it from 345 to 288.

6 thoughts on “A Little Game

  1. Revival: “Now and Then”
    Remake: “Quark”
    Spin-off: “This is total BS! The Bulldog and Roz show”

      1. From Frasier. Bulldog the sports show guy who annoyed the crap out of Frasier’s producer Roz, but in late seasons, they hooked up. Roz eventually became the station manager. Could be a fun workplace comedy, Roz having to constantly pull Bulldog’s butt out of the situations he gets into.

        1. Ah. I wasn’t a regular watching “Frasier,” so while I remember Roz, Bulldog went right past me.

          That does sound like it has potential.

        2. Did you remember Richard Benjamin in Quark? I figured that one would be the one you asked about. “Now and Again” was the show I meant in Revival, BTW. Only one season.

          1. Oh, I loved “Quark”! Silly fun, all through.

            Never saw “Now and Again,” though, and the Wikipedia entry rings no bells at all. Not sure I ever even heard of it.

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