The Writing Life

From a newsgroup post dated June 11, 2010:

Julie rearranged her work schedule this week for complicated job-related reasons; she had Friday off but will be working Sunday. That meant she was home today with nothing planned.

So we went out for lunch at a tiny Thai place in Silver Spring, did a little shopping, and generally took it easy.

And at one point I was lying down, apparently doing nothing at all, and she remarked that I was obviously waiting for her.

I confessed that no, I was plotting.

Specifically, I was plotting Dumery of the Dragon, an Ethshar novel I may well never actually write.

Earlier, when she’d been talking to me about stuff at her office, I was plotting A Feather from Her Wing, another unlikely Ethshar novel.

Sometimes I think I’m so busy devising other people’s lives I forget to live my own.

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