Strange Days

From a newsgroup post dated December 11, 2009:

Christmas cards have started arriving.

Two people report that their husbands died in October; a third lost his mother-in-law and a son-in-law. How depressing!

But on the good side, I got the June 1935 issue of The Twilight Patrol, featuring the full-length novel, “Drones of the Ravaging Wind.”

This is, I am not kidding, a friend’s Christmas card; he wrote and edited the issue. He wrote the novel last year, actually, but the rest of the issue (a short story, a poem, miscellaneous art, and a couple of features) is new. The ads are an assortment of the weirdest real ads he could find in his pulp collection. The full-color cover bears the NRA seal.

I wish I could do something like that!

And I have been eager to re-post this item so I could point out that now you, too, can read The Twilight Patrol 1: Drones of the Ravaging Wind! There’s even a sequel, The Twilight Patrol 2: Maggot Czar of the Everglades. These aren’t in Christmas card/pulp magazine format with the additional material, but still…

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