Opening Pandora’s Box

A newsgroup post from October 15, 2008, complaining about Pandora Internet Radio. This was, in fact, why I stopped using it:

Okay, I’ve started several stations now, and they all seem to keep drifting in the same direction. I know what I want, and Pandora generally seems to start off with it, then gradually go off course. No matter what I choose as my starting point, the music keeps getting slower.

I mean, I picked “Ooh La La” by Goldfrapp to try to get fast techno, and instead, while I’m getting more Goldfrapp, it’s all her slower songs. (“Crystalline Green” is playing right now.) I got “#1 Crush” by Garbage, which is a cool song, but what do I have to do to not get stuff that’s so slow?

I hate to thumbs-down songs I actually like, but I may start doing exactly that.

3 thoughts on “Opening Pandora’s Box

  1. That’s exactly what you need to do on Pandora. Decide what you want your station to sound like and thumbs down anything that does not match (even if you like the song). You can create other stations for those songs you like.

    I recently stopped using Pandora because of their new design. I really hate it when a web-site is optimized for viewing on a 6 inch phone and I am using my 2048X1152 24″ monitor.

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