Story Titles I Like But Will Probably Never Use

From a newsgroup post dated May 24, 2007:

“The Scott Girl’s Thighbone”

“Our Lady of Vengeance”

“In the President’s Harem”

5/18/17: I don’t think I ever had stories to go with them. I’ve always been prone to coming up with titles without stories — in fact, I have several long lists. Many of them are taken from song lyrics; Counting Crows and Jefferson Starship provided a lot of those. The theory is that eventually I’ll either come up with a story to match, or I’ll be able to attach one of the titles to an existing unfinished story. In at least two instances (“Teaching Machines” and “Richie”) I actually started with a title, came up with a story to fit it, and then wound up with a different title on the published version.

These three aren’t from song lyrics or puns or twists on other titles or stock phrases, they just imply interesting things.

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