That’s Not Catchy, That’s Sick!

From a newsgroup post dated June 24, 2006:

(From a thread about why so many songs are about really unhealthy relationships…)

Got one stuck in my head today —

“Get down now baby, let your boss man see
If you can howl just like a dog for me.
Black leather is my favorite game
And you will learn how to scream my name…”

“Ball Crusher”
from the album STEPPENWOLF 7

So what really twisted pop songs can you guys think of?

Here are a few of my favorites:

“Every Breath You Take”
“In Your Room”
“How Do I Make You”

Those are all stalker songs, more or less; then there’s stuff like Grace Slick’s “Silver Spoon,” about cannibalism.

Damn near anything by the Bloodhound Gang would qualify, I suppose. “Yummy Down On This” and “The Ballad of Chasey Lane” seem especially lurid.

4 thoughts on “That’s Not Catchy, That’s Sick!

  1. And back in your newsgroup, I mentioned “Don’t Stand So Close to Me”, which might be especially memorable for me personally as an ex-teacher (like Sting).

    Also “Excitable Boy”.

  2. How “pop” does it need to be to qualify here? Lords of the New Church’s song “Dreams and Desires” is pretty twisted.

  3. Depeche Mode “Master and Servant” is maybe just tame S&M
    James “Laid” is pretty messed up in a really fun sort of way.

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