Some of the Novels in My “Works in Progress” Folder

This list was originally posted September 24, 2005. I debated whether to put it here or in The Serial Box, but eventually decided on here; the Box is only for new stuff, not these salvaged old posts.

I’m going to annotate this in italics — anything italicized has been added in March 2017. Anything after this sentence that’s not italicized is from 2005.

Sorted a little:

>A Blast from the Past
(Haven’t touched this in years, and the plot’s a little out of date now.)

>A Handful of Gold (spin-off from The Lords of Dus)
>Assassin in Waiting (I’ve worked on this one a little.)
>Manda’s Magic
>Meant for Each Other
>Power of the People (I don’t recognize this at all; no idea what it is.)
>Putting on Heirs (sequel to Split Heirs)
>The Dragon’s Price (This one has gotten a little further.)
>The Third Mage (a trilogy, really) (I’ve changed the setting to a contemporary setting and started it over.)
>Myth America
>The Gates of Faerie
>Yard Sale Mystic (This one got converted to a comic book script, and has been hanging fire for years because the artist has yet to start on it.)

Science fiction:
>Cultural Attache (Retitled first The Partial Observer, then The Research Agent.)
>Dark Bodies
>Escort Duty
>Fast Times
>One Hundred Suns
>Realms of Light (sequel to Nightside City) Written and published.
>Refugee Planet
>The Ghost Takers
>The Terran Zone
>The Three of Us
>Trumpets of the Sky

>Jones and the Preacher

>One-Eyed Jack Written and published.
>Queen Vampire
>Something Wrong
>The Bride
>The Undine

>Rakehell’s Daughter


Hard to classify:
>Pentagram Squadron
>Vika’s Avenger Written and published.

Y’know, I’d really like to write all of these eventually, but I
probably won’t — I come up with new ones faster than I finish the old

I’ve come up with many more, and made progress on a few of the above, but I’ve also flat-out forgotten or abandoned some of these.

7 thoughts on “Some of the Novels in My “Works in Progress” Folder

  1. Random thing I noticed reading “Escort Duty” in the list: “Escort Mission” is now a watchword among video gamers for frustrating and unrewarding aspects of games, where you spend all your effort trying to convince an AI character not to walk in front of machine guns or off cliffs.

    1. That’s a good question. I know I did once. The only notes I find in a quick search, though, tell me it’s about a freedman named Atticus and not much beyond that, and I don’t remember any more right now.

        1. There was a plot. I’m not sure it ever got written down.

          But you know, looking at the one note I did find, I think it might have been a murder mystery, with Atticus trying to find out who killed his master. (He was a testamentary manumission, i.e., freed in his owner’s will.)

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