Things You Probably Didn’t Know

So here’s the deal: I’m going to keep posting old stuff from my newsgroup until I either run out — and I have over 500 old posts saved — or until we get a good conversation going in the comments.

This one is way out of sequence; I skipped ahead a couple of years. It’s also out of date, unsurprisingly.

September 1, 2008:

So I hold stock in a company called Triarc, which owns Arby’s — they used to own other stuff, but now it’s just Arby’s. They’re planning a merger with Wendy’s, and it needs stockholder approval, so I got this big fat mailing I was looking at just now.

Some of the stuff from the comparable companies I find fascinating.

Did you know Applebee’s is now owned by International House of Pancakes?

Did you know that Hard Rock Cafe International is owned by the Seminole Indians?

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  1. Hmm… one thing that might inhibit comments right now is that there’s no way (at least that I’m seeing) to tell which posts *have* comments (or how many there are). I just noticed the “The Five Latest Comments”, which might help if I had noticed it earlier… Also I suppose it might help if I logged in.

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