And the category is…

More from my old newsgroup, May 29, 2004:

Thinking about burning some themed CDs (which I guess would be playlists now):

I don’t think I need to explain what the theme was here, do I?
“She-Bop,” Cyndi Lauper
“I Touch Myself,” diVinyls
“Turning Japanese,” the Vapors
“Rattlesnake Shake,” Aerosmith

Still looking for more of those.

And Kiri and I came up with the theme of radio songs:
“Mexican Radio,” Wall of Voodoo
“Video Killed the Radio Star,” the Buggles
“The Radio Song,” REM
“This Is Radio Clash,” the Clash
“On the Radio,” Donna Summer
“Radioland,” Nicolette Larson

Any more?

8 thoughts on “And the category is…

  1. How about “Dancing with myself” for the first category?

    Radio, Radio – Elvis Costello
    Radio Free Europe, REM
    And one that’s about a DJ – Around the Dial – Kinks

  2. By the way, folks — the way I have this set up, the first time someone comments here, it goes into a moderation queue and I get to it as soon as I can. Comments from anyone I’ve ever approved, though, should appear immediately.

  3. “Walk the Dinosaur,” Was (Not Was)
    “Making Love Alone,” Bernadette Peters
    “Fingers,” Pink
    “Vibe On,” Dannii Minogue

    “Roadrunner,” Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers
    “You Turn Me On I’m a Radio,” Joni Mitchell
    “Late Night Radio,” John Denver
    “Late Night Radio,” Mary Black
    “W-O-L-D,” Harry Chapin
    “Clap for the Wolfman,” The Guess Who
    “Midnight Radio,” Cyndi Lauper
    “Mohammed’s Radio,” Warren Zevon
    “Play One More for My Radio Sweetheart,” Elvis Costello
    “Hey Mister DJ,” Van Morrison
    “Hey Mister DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal,” They Might Be Giants
    “Life Is A Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me),” Reunion

  4. Prince — I’m pretty sure he had another candidate, as well, but I can’t remember details.

    Mere references aren’t really what I’m looking for, though, or Billy Joel’s “Captain Jack” and Green Day’s “Longview” would count.

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