More Webbing

Still updating my website, oldest files first.

There were six files that shouldn’t have been on the server in the first place; they were blog archives from when I switched from Blogger to WordPress in 2006, and they should have been filed away on my hard drive, or simply deleted once I’d copied the posts here to the WordPress archives, instead of sitting there taking up space.

So I copied them to an archive folder and deleted them from the server. I did put in a redirect for the one that had been set up for public access, even though I doubt anyone ever saw it.

(If you’re curious about what was in them, it’s everything in the September 2006 archive, there in the right-hand column, except for the last two entries.)

Did a few other quick little updates which finished 2006 and got two files into 2007. Updated or removed some dead links, reformatted a couple of things.

The next file is from April 23, 2007 — International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day, less than eight years ago. Definitely needs some clean-up, but a relatively minor job.

But after that there’s a bibliography page, and then, which is going to be a big job.

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