The Music Will Never Stop 64

Next up: The box just says “YES” on the spine. There’s no enclosure, nothing scribbled on the back.

It starts off with a somewhat fuzzy, low-volume recording of “Fragile,” which I already have from CD. That’s followed by “Close to the Edge,” logically enough.

And after that, “To Be Over,” from “Relayer,” fills out the first side of the tape. (I apparently realized, not being an idiot for once, that “The Gates of Delirium” wouldn’t fit. Not sure why I chose “To Be Over” rather than “Sound Chaser,” though — either one would do.)

Oh, that’s interesting. Side 2 does not start with the rest of “Relayer,” as I’d expected, but with “Tales from Topographic Oceans.”

That would leave maybe ten-fifteen minutes at the end, I guess. We’ll see what’s there.

It’s “Sound Chaser,” from Side 2 of “Relayer.” So I never did fit “The Gates of Delirium,” it would seem.

I also didn’t include anything that isn’t already in my iTunes library, so this tape will go directly into the discard pile.

And after that I’m debating which tape to tackle next. I’ve got King Crimson/McDonald and Giles, and two reels of the Moody Blues, and a random assortment of albums where the tape’s label is partially illegible, but I think it might be time to start on some of the live recordings, if only for a change of pace.

There’s one that says it’s recorded at 7.5 IPS instead of 3.75. It’s dated February 3, 1974 on the box, and says it’s Martha Esersky and others.

Martha was the girlfriend of one of my college roommates. She wrote a few songs, sang, and played guitar, though I don’t think she ever tried to turn pro. I’m sort of in touch with her on Facebook, where it says she’s a retired high school teacher who’s now a cookbook reviewer/food writer for Publisher’s Weekly. I haven’t played this tape since, oh, at least 1977. I still remember one of her songs, though — well enough to hum the chorus, anyway.

I think that one will probably be next.

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