The Music Will Never Stop 62

Next up: A tape where the “Reel No.” box is filled in with a big Z, and the title is “Zappa & Mothers.” It’s also recorded at 7.5 IPS, instead of 3.75 — says so on the box — which is why I decided to tackle it next.

It starts off with “Over-Nite Sensation,” which I already had, and the quality isn’t noticeably better than the LP, even though the LP wasn’t exactly pristine, so I’ll ignore that.

But then there are two jazz fusion albums. I think the first one is “Hot Rats,” though I’ll want to double-check that, and the other is definitely “The Grand Wazoo.”…

Oh, wait! There’s a note scribbled upside-down on the back of the box. It is “Hot Rats,” and, it says here, Side 1 of “The Grand Wazoo.”

It’s not exactly Side 1, as it cuts off in the middle when the tape ran out, but I’m not sure whether that was near the end of Side 1 or somewhere on Side 2. I think I also missed a bit of “Hot Rats” at the end of Side 1 of the tape.

Yeah, I missed 10-15 seconds of “Son of Mr. Green Genes,” and the last three minutes of “The Grand Wazoo.” Oh, well.

Y’know, there’s another tape further down the stack that says it’s got “Over-Nite Sensation” on it, as well (along with stuff I recorded live). I’m not sure why I recorded it multiple times. It’s a good album, but not that good.

As for “Hot Rats” and “The Grand Wazoo,” I recognize the virtuosity that went into them, but I still don’t much care for them. I simply don’t like (most) jazz from the ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s. Not even the fusion stuff.

But they’re here, so I edited ’em in.

All done. Twenty-five left.

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