Announcing Helix

[Originally posted June 15, 2006]

I am pleased to report the advent of a new online SF magazine, Helix. I’m managing editor; William Sanders is senior editor. Our first issue has just gone live, and contains first-rate stories by Janis Ian, William Sanders, Richard Bowes, Adam-Troy Castro, Beth Bernobich, Robert M. Brown, and Bud Webster.

4 thoughts on “Announcing Helix

  1. Nope. I’m just the managing editor, it doesn’t take a whole lot of brainpower to do my job. One reason we have a staff of eleven is so Will and I can palm off most of the work on other people.

    That said, though, the next serial probably won’t start until at least August, as I’m horribly behind schedule on the books I have under contract to regular publishers. I really need to get a bit more caught up on those.

    Not to mention I need to have a working outline before I start the serial, and so far I only have about half of one.

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