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Until the summer of 2015 I was absolutely abysmal about keeping this up to date; it ought to be updated at least monthly, and I'd been averaging roughly once every two years. I'm making an effort to do better, with some success; I managed to keep it up for some time, but due to selling our house and extensive travel there have been some multi-month gaps. I'm finally getting back to it now. I hope.

Let me point out that for more than thirty years, while I might be working on multiple projects at once, there was almost always one that had top priority. Most of the time there was at least one under contract, and often more than one. Alas, this hasn't been the case for the past few years. With no contracts, no regular publisher, and no serials running, I've been free to work on whatever I like, and I've often been hopping from project to project rather than focusing on just one or two novels. I keep hoping one will catch fire and grab all my attention; sometimes that happens, sometimes it doesn't.

So, here's what I've worked on and not finished since July 1, 2015, with whatever I worked on most recently at the top regardless of when it was started, and getting older as you go down. I got very little writing done in the summer of 2018 because I was busy preparing our house for sale, not much in 2019 because we were traveling extensively, and hardly anything in the first few months of 2020 because we were busy finding, buying, and furnishing our new home. I hope things will pick up now that we're more settled again.

I have literally dozens of other projects that could be considered works in progress; see my future projects page for information about several of them. This list (including both the above works in progress and the stuff below that I'm no longer working on) is everything I've actually worked on since July 1, 2015, though.

Incidentally, I welcome feedback on which of these you'd like to see finished; feel free to e-mail me with your preferences.

Let me quickly summarize what happened to stuff I'd listed on this page previously:

For anything not listed above, see my future projects page.


That's it; here's your list of handy exits:

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