The War Surplus Novels

These are the story of a far-future military cyborg who finds himself on a planet ruled by psionic "wizards." The two novels in this series to date are currently in print as the two sides of Wildside Double #5, as well as in individual ebooks.

At one time there was a possibility that I might write a third novel, making it a trilogy. That isn't likely to ever happen, and the story is complete without it.

The two novels are:

The unwritten third novel was to have been called The Exile and the Empire.

I had also thought about writing other stories set in the same universe, but following other characters; one of these, entitled Werewolf, was abandoned when I realized it was more or less the same story as Eric Frank Russell's Wasp.

At present, I don't expect to write any more of these, but you can still read these two; follow the links for details.

Covers of the original, long-out-of-print Del Rey editions:

The Cyborg and the Sorcerers

Cover art by David Mattingly

The Wizard and the War Machine

Cover art by Darrell K. Sweet


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